Yearly Lesson Plan English Form 3 Cefr

You must be using the latest version of Microsoft Office. The word from 1997 does not support this format. salam boleh tak email kat sya lesson template dropdown-form 3 GER RPH. Can I have the entire annual lesson plan? Boleh tak puan emailkan saya cefr form 3 lesson plan? Bolehkn sy nk mntn pn sharekn lesson plan utk sethn thn ona ajr bi kt sek br.opsyen sy sains email sy pn cik boleh klik kat link atas tu, sudah ada dalam google drive rph f1-f4 assalaalaikum. Saya Download Tapi drop-down menu tu tak keluar la. Boleh puan bantu saya. Anyway, thank you for sharing. Semoga murah rezeki puan. I divide students into groups. You will have to choose a nearby restaurant and do a review based on the criteria I have given as guidelines. Honestly, most group moderators only read all the points they raised on mahjong paper. The heat came when I opened for classmates to ask questions.

This when the class came to life and the use of English was maximum. When they tried to answer without a script! As proof, they must take at least one photo of at least one of the members of their group. After a week, they must present it to the class. There is a writing assignment that students need to write a restaurant review. .